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Get to Know DREAM EQUAL...

Empowering Everyone, Everywhere

Our Mission

We work to empower all people to realize their full potential regardless of gender. 

Our Vision

We envision a gender sensitive world in which all genders are united and empowered.

Our Values

We are committed to embracing diversity, individuality, and providing equal and accessible opportunities for all. 


Our Pillars


We strive to empower children to become capable young leaders who are confident in their goals and dreams.


We work to advocate for a more gender-sensitive education system and world.



We seek to educate our communities about the negative effects of gender stereotypes and how to effectively combat them.

The Issue: Gender Stereotypes

​Gender stereotypes are enforced throughout everyone’s lives and misrepresent the genders that they seek to describe. Although they seem harmless on the surface, studies have shown that gender stereotypes create an unsafe environment for children. Gender stereotypes can come in many forms, from racial insults to misrepresentation of events in the media.

The Effects

Poor Mental Health


To uphold traditional ideas of masculinity, many men don't ask for help, leading to a suicide rate 3.63x higher than women in the U.S. alone. Gender stereotypes damage health and cost lives.

Confined Professional Development​


Gender stereotypes train children to only dream within the roles that align with their gender.Research conducted by UNC Chapel Hill and the University of Michigan found that “as early as second grade, the children demonstrated the American cultural stereotype that math is for boys on both implicit and explicit measures". Looking down the line, only 18% of undergraduate students studying computer science are women. By teaching youth to "dream small," we are holding back the collective potential of humanity.


By creating societal hierarchies and celebrating aggressive behavior in masculine-presenting individuals, gender stereotypes lead to violence against marginalized communities. This is seen especially in violence against POC trans and gender non-conforming individuals.

The Problems We're Trying to Solve

Unaddressed Populations

Most gender equality organizations focus on cisgender women, as does mainstream media. Gender inequality affects everyone and the movement demands everyone's support in order to succeed.

Reactionary Approaches

Most efforts to build a gender equal future are geared towards audiences 13+. However, gender stereotypes have already started to have damaging effects by elementary school.

Generic Blanket Solutions

As organizations get larger, the same resources tend to be used across countries and demographics in the hopes of achieving gender equality. These formulas overlook the cultural differences within and between communities.

Our Solution


Gender stereotypes start to form as early as age 3. We tackle the problem at its root by providing elementary school programming. Our  scientifically backed curricula teaches kids how to break down gender barriers.

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No matter how you identify or express your gender, YOU are welcome to participate in any of our programs. We are proud to create programming that supports and empowers all genders, not just cisgender girls.


Gender inequality affects people of all abilities, socioeconomic levels, and political beliefs. Even as we expand and grow, we remain dedicated to providing educational and empowerment programs free of charge and open to anyone.


Where We Are

DREAM EQUAL is currently running programs in the United States and 18 other countries, focusing its efforts on traditionally untapped communities.​ We believe gender equality should not be bounded by socioeconomic access and partisan beliefs.

We are looking forward to expanding our movement into other countries soon. Click below to bring DREAM EQUAL to your community.


Join our fight for an equal world.

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