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  • Who started DREAM EQUAL?
    Inspired by her personal experiences with gender stereotyping, 20-year-old Ina Bhoopalam founded DREAM EQUAL with the goal of combatting the gender-based issues she faced growing up. While researching ways to take action against gender inequality, Ina discovered many unaddressed issues within the current movement and decided to found DREAM EQUAL to confront them. Originally a local Nebraska non-profit, DREAM EQUAL is now global, serving youth in all areas of the world.
  • How can I join the Global Executive Team?
    Thank you for expressing interest in helping DREAM EQUAL! Please reach out to DREAM EQUAL HQ at or click here for more information. We are always looking for new ideas and members to join our team!
  • Can I be a part of the Executive Team and lead/be a part of a chapter?
    Yes, you can! However, keep in mind that this is a large time commitment. To find out about an opening in our Executive Team click here or email us at To start a chapter or find one near you, please email
  • Are there any chapters near me?
    Please email and we will connect you to your local chapter if one exists. If not, we'll help you start your own!
  • What is DREAM EQUAL's mailing address?
    If you would like to submit your dues or donation as a check via mail, please send it to the following address: DREAM EQUAL, Inc. 4830 Thomasbrook Lane Lincoln, NE 68516-6702 If you are donating on behalf of a specific chapter, please specify in the memo of your check.
  • How can I start a DREAM EQUAL chapter?
    We are so excited that you want to start a chapter! Please click here to fill out a New Chapter Approval Form and email with any questions.
  • How can I host a DREAM EQUAL event?
    We are so excited you want to spread the DREAM EQUAL message! Click here to host an event, and email with any questions.
  • Where and how can I access chapter resources?
    Once approved, DREAM EQUAL chapters gain access to all DREAM EQUAL materials, including training, curricula, and other guides. The Global Outreach Team will send all resources to current chapters. If you cannot find a resource you need, send an email to and we’ll send it to you right away. If you would like to start a chapter, click here.
  • My community predominantly speaks a language other than English. Are DREAM EQUAL materials available in other languages?
    We hope to have materials available in different languages soon! By March of 2022, we plan to have Spanish, French, and Hindi translations of our website and all of our resources. If the language you need is not listed here and/or you need these translations available to you sooner, please email

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