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French Language Specialist

Remote | 4-5 hr/wk | Unpaid Internship

Reports To: French language specialists will report to the Global Outreach Director.​

Position Overview:


Working remotely and reporting to the Director of Global Outreach, French Language Specialists will work together to translate Dream Equal materials from English to French in order to make Dream Equal more accessible as it expands globally. Responsibilities include translating written materials from English to French and collaborating with team members to ensure the accuracy of all translations. 


When applicable, French Language Specialists will also work with the appropriate Regional Leader to provide input and insight on cultural norms and practices that could affect the applicability of curricula.

Preferred Skills:

  • Knowledge of formal/professional writing in French

  • Knowledge of colloquial/conversational writing in French

  • Excellent communications skills

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Insightful about cultural norms where French is spoken

  • Organized

  • Basic research capability

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