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Regional Leader

Remote | 4-5 hr/wk | Unpaid Internship

Reports To: The Regional Leader will report to the Global Outreach Director.

Position Overview:


Working remotely and reporting to the Director of Global Outreach, the Regional Leader is responsible for ensuring that Dream Equal curricula and materials are culturally aware and beneficial to their specific region. Responsibilities include analyzing curricula and materials through the region’s perspective, collaborating with the Global Outreach and Curriculum Development Teams to modify curricula when applicable, and addressing concerns from chapters in the region. 

Note: Dream Equal will be hiring Regional Leaders for all areas on an as-needed basis (as Dream Equal chapters are started). Regional Leaders required in the immediate or near future include Canada, Mexico and Central America, and the United Kingdom.

Preferred Skills:


  • Excellent communication

  • Teamwork and collaboration

  • Cultural knowledge of the region, including any major sub-regional differences

  • Insight into gender equality and its intersections in the region

  • Organized

  • Basic Research Capability

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